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Whether tournament or recreational fishing, fishing is still fishing and it all boils down to finding fish. There’s lots of ways to look. For example, some anglers will run a shoreline or flat slowly with an outboard, some with a trolling motor and even others will go about it by poling and trying to get some better visibility from the poling platform. However, before it’s all said and done, we eventually need to find them with a bait.

Because, all inshore game fish and particularly redfish have a way of disappearing even though you think you have them figured out, covering water as efficiently as possible by rod and reel is what’s going to ultimately put fish in the boat. Some anglers like chumming up an area with live bait, some like doing the same with cut bait, and many anglers try covering as much water as possible rigging soft plastic jerk or swim baits. However, for our team, and many others I know, there’s nothing quite as effective as a hard bodied plug. In fact, plugs are always the first baits to hit the water on our boat. The only question is just what style plug we’re going to tie on. Most days, we’ll choose from either a pure top water or a floating or suspending twitch bait. For us, throwing plugs allows us to get the extra distance we need to cover water efficiently and the Sebile plugs we prefer are uniquely designed to realistically imitate wounded baitfish.

In nature, a predator such as a red, snook, or big trout will always go after a wounded prey species instead of a frisky bait they’ll have to expend energy chasing; and the blood red and possessed series plugs with their innovative liquid filled designs provide both these advantages.